8 Hours in Seoul

If you are flying between Asia and North America, consider flying with Korean Air and get a long layover in Seoul. When other airports only offer free wifi, Incheon Airport offered free tours. yes, you heard me right: free tours. The tours varies between 1 to 5 hours long and starts at different times of the day, … Continue reading 8 Hours in Seoul

The Shrine of Sounds

Human ear can hear sound frequencies between approximately 20 and 20,000 hertz. You identify certain sounds for different things and make sense of the world through sounds, to sense and to communicate. Some sounds are unfamiliar to your ears, and you’ll sense anticipation for what you’ll face. Some sounds are unwanted, they disturb you like … Continue reading The Shrine of Sounds

Scotland Trip

I live in Torquay, a tiny coastal town in England’s South West tip, and the thought of Scotland’s highlands was just so far away. But what’s the point of traveling when you go to places you’ve known before? Traveling is getting lost, finding new experiences, having the courage to push your boundaries and stepping out … Continue reading Scotland Trip